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惡官 精裝版 (實體中文書) 精裝版

惡官 精裝版 (實體中文書) 精裝版

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書 名:惡官

主 編:彭文正博士
合 著:張靜 李震華 林秉松
發 行 人:彭文正
定 價:新台幣1450元
出 版:Thesis7ting LLC, USA

這本書揭穿了台灣總統蔡英文詐騙倫敦政經學院博士學位的過程,本書的作者Dr. Dennis Peng因而遭到一連串的政治追殺⋯

This book chronicles the events behind Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen's academic fraud and how she obtained a fake Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Author Dr. Dennis Peng, in his quest for truth, has been politically persecuted for his thorough investigation into the matter.

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