(Pre-order dark blue casual shirt) JUSTICE X PICKLE long-sleeved cotton sports casual shirt University T is expected to ship in early November

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long-sleeved cotton sports casual shirt

Buy two pieces and get a Pickle shopping bag
After the order is placedIt is expected to ship in early November

Taiwan and US regions are available for ordering
Other overseas regions who need to order
Please contact LineID:@1450shopping

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This is the same size for men and women. Please confirm the size before placing the order. You can take the usual POLO shirt or T-shirt and compare the size table after laying it flat. Girls should be one size smaller than usual, boys It’s US size, or refer to the small try-on report at the bottom of the page!

Try-on report: Professor Peng male, height 180 cm, weight 73 kg, wear L loose, wear M fits
Editor A male, 176 cm, 85 kg,
Slightly fit in XL
Editor B Female, 161 cm, 57 kg,
Wear M loose