(Wine Red Casual Shirt) JUSTICE X PICKLE  cotton sports casual shirt 

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JUSTICE X PICKLE Wine Red Color Pure Cotton Sports Casual Shirt

Buy 2 pieces and get 1 Pickle shopping bag

Taiwan and US regions are available for ordering
Other overseas regions who need to order
Please contact LineID:@1450shopping

This is the same size for men and women. Please confirm the size before placing the order. You can take the usual POLO shirt or T-shirt and compare the size table after laying it flat. Girls should be one size smaller than usual, boys It’s US size, or refer to the try-on report at the bottom of the page!

Try-on report: Professor Peng, male, height 180 cm, weight 73 kg, wear L size loose, wear M size fits.
Editor A, male, 176 cm, 85 kg,
Slightly fit in XL size.
Editor B, Female, 161 cm, 57 kg,
Wear M size loose.