shopping process

1. First select the size (SIZE) and quantity (number of pieces), and click "Add to Cart".
If you want to choose different sizes and quantities, such as 1 piece XL, 2 pieces L!
You can select XL in the SIZE menu and add the quantity to 2, then click "Add to Cart",
Then go to the SIZE menu and select L, the quantity is 2, and then click "Add shopping cart"! And so on...

2. After selecting all the sizes and quantities, click on the "shopping cart" icon in the upper right corner of the page,
The position of the red circle as shown above! After clicking to enter, you can also modify and delete the size and quantity!

3. After entering the shopping cart page, you can confirm the size and quantity to increase or decrease, and after confirming the amount,
click to enter the checkout page! (Reminder: Adding to the shopping cart is not the completion of the order, you need to complete the checkout steps and
receive the notification letter before the order is completed!)