Terms of service

I. Awareness and acceptance of terms of service

Welcome to visit Yisiwuling Shopping Network (hereinafter referred to as this website). When you enter or use any part of this website; you have been deemed to have accepted and are subject to these terms of service. If you disagree with these terms of service, you should stop entering and using this website.

Second, privacy protection

We protect your privacy in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" of this website. Please refer to the "Privacy Policy".

Three. Declaration of ownership

The content and materials on this website, including but not limited to information, text, graphics, designs, sounds, images, trademarks, product names, and icons, are protected by copyrights, trademarks and other forms of intellectual property and property rights. Without our prior written (including electronic file format) consent, you may not photocopy, reset, distribute, modify, publish or de-assemble any part of this website in any way.

Four. Customers’ Obligations

Your access to or use of any part of this website has been regarded as a customer of this website.

  1. The personal information you log in must be your own correct and complete information, and must not be forged or untrue. If there is an illegal act, we will investigate and request reasonable compensation in accordance with the law.
  2. When your customer's basic information (ex: address, phone number and other login information) is changed, please update the relevant personal information immediately to ensure that it is correct and complete. If the information you provide is wrong or illegal, this website has the right to terminate your account and refuse you to continue to use this website.
  3. You must fulfill your responsibilities for the use and management of your member account and password, and use it yourself, and you must not disclose or inform others. In case of violation, all actions and results caused or derived from the use of your member account and password by a third party shall be fully responsible.
  4. If the member’s account and password are lost or found to have been stolen by a third party for no reason, they should notify this website immediately. If the website cannot be effectively prevented and modified due to failure to notify immediately, the member shall be solely responsible for all losses.
  5. A member should execute the member's logout function and close the window every time he ends using the services of this website to ensure his personal rights and interests.

V. Transaction Confirmation

The shopping instructions on this website contain instructions for ordering methods, payment methods, and shipping methods.
You have to order based on the ordering service provided on this website. If your ordering method or content does not conform to the specifications of the terms of this website (including but not limited to membership terms and service terms), this website reserves the right to cancel the order without prior notice.

VI. Basis for Fact Determination and Compensation for Damages

When you use the services of this website, the basis for determining the relevant facts shall be based on the data recorded in the database of this website and the evidence you have cited. In the event of any dispute, both parties will submit their own legal electronic data records or evidence materials to the court for determination with the utmost sincerity. If you violate these terms of service or relevant laws and regulations, and cause damages to the company or expenses (including but not limited to freight, processing costs, litigation costs and attorney fees), you shall be liable for compensation.

VII. Service suspension and disclaimer

Under reasonable and appropriate circumstances, this website has the right to suspend, interrupt or refuse to provide all or part of this service, and is not liable for the obligation to notify in advance. The company is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages to users. Any compensation or compensation obligation:

8. Validity of these terms of service and court of jurisdiction

In these terms of service, if all or part of any clause is invalid, it will not affect the validity of other agreements.
If there is any dispute that cannot be resolved through negotiation, unless otherwise provided by the law, the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.

Nine. The right to change and modify

We reserve all the rights to modify and change this website and these terms of service at any time. When you continue to enter and/or use this website after the above changes and modifications, you are deemed to positively agree to the above changes and agree to abide by them.

X. Governing Law

The above terms and conditions of use are governed by the laws of the Republic of China.