1450 Shopping Net Five Times Coupon Instructions

1. Digital five times coupon

Currentlyonly supports digital five times coupons bound with credit cards!

If you use a credit card digital five-fold coupon, you can use a credit card that has been bound with a digital five-fold coupon during the checkout process, and the credit card company will Calculate your payment to five times the voucher limit, and then return the payment to you according to the checkout time of the credit card company (the return time varies according to the regulations of each credit card company), that is, the purchase amount will be five times the credit card The amount of the coupon is paid!

2. Paper five times coupons

If you are using paper five times coupons, please click the option to use paper five times coupons during the checkout process. After completing the order, transfer Your paper five times coupon, together with your order number and name, contact number and mailing address are written on a piece of paper, and mailed to "106 Taipei City" by registered "Politics and Economics Media, 6th Floor, No. 125, Section 3, Ren'ai Road, Daan District", or you can go directly to our company (6th Floor, No. 125, Section 3, Ren’ai Road, Daan District, Taipei City) In-person transaction, but visit Please contact 02-27812266 to confirm beforehand!

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