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Evil Officer 2 e-book version (this is a PDF file, not a paper version, only for credit card payment or virtual ATM payment)

Evil Officer 2 e-book version (this is a PDF file, not a paper version, only for credit card payment or virtual ATM payment)

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The PDF file of the e-book version of Evil Official 2 is officially released

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Book title: Evil Official 2 e-book version

Editor-in-chief: Dr. Peng Wenzheng Co-authors: Lin Bingsong, Li Zhenhua, Zhang Jing
Publisher: Peng Wenzheng First edition date: July 2023 Price: NT$1,450 Published by: Thesis7ting LLC, USA
Number of editions (reprints): First edition. All rights reserved. Reprints will not be prosecuted.

"The Bad Guy 1" is courtesy of the Library of Congress, the British Library, the National Library of Australia, as well as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, University of California, University of Wisconsin, University of Washington, University of Michigan, It is collected by well-known libraries such as Indiana University, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Durham University, etc.

"Evil Officials 2" is the second volume of the "Evil Officials" series. The "Evil Officials" series exposed the process of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen defrauding the London School of Economics and Political Science for her PhD. As a result, the author of this book, Dr. Dennis Peng, was subjected to a series of political pursuits. ⋯

You can preview some chapters in the Google Books Evil Officer 2 area

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